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Let’s Get Qualified

It’s very important that all the details and objective surrounding your project is as clear as possible from the start. This helps to qualify whether we are a good fit to begin working together.

We are very selective about the projects we take on as we prioritize delivering an exceptional value-based experience that provides a 100% detailed level of attention to you and your brand’s needs. Once we have determined we are a good fit we can begin moving forward in addressing your needs.

It’s important to us that we bring as much value to you and your brand as possible so we’d love to hear from you. We offer a free 20-minute qualifying call to gain an opportunity to get to know each other, and for you to ask any questions you may have regarding our services.

Please be aware this is not a discovery, clarity, or strategy session call but simply a brief conversation to help us connect and see if we are a good fit to begin working together.

Our Services.

The cost of anything will always yield a lifetime investment.”

Identity Development

This is a full brand development service where we oversee the creation of the most important visual and verbal assets your brand will need to begin communicating with your audience. This is essential for all businesses that are ready to establish a strong and memorable brand.


If you already have a strong brand presence, but don’t have the polished, custom-crafted brand mark to represent it, this service will assist you in taking your already established brand elements and creating a visual representation that ties everything together.

Brand Audit

A comprehensive overview of your current brand presence. Here, we work with you to identify the pain-point(s) and blind spots you may have been unaware of throughout your brand presence and message.

Brand Clarity

The Clarity Session is all about getting focused on your brands’ initial introduction to its space. Through this process, we help you put the pieces together around what your brand stands for and wants to ultimately say.

Brand Story Development

The overall story & message of your brand is an important asset to any developing business. Through this process, we will work with you to develop a strong story & message that bridges the gap between your brand and your audience.


Having an identity that uniquely and accurately reflects your business and brand is key to establishing a lasting connection with your audience. Through this service, we walk you through our tailored process to develop a custom identity and system that is appropriate to your brand.

This service will provide you with all of the most important assets your brand will need to build a lasting impression in today’s continually evolving landscape. Beginning with an audit/discovery session and moving into a full strategy session, we will navigate all the nuances of your business/brand and develop a roadmap that will serve as the foundation for your brand’s custom identity system.

If your brand has already been establishing itself for some time and knows clearly what it stands for and who it serves, this service provides all the potential assets needed to establish a more identifiable presence for your intended audiences.

As well, if you are just getting started but have all the above in place and are ready to build out your full brand this is also a great investment for you.


• Introduction Call
• Discovery Session
• Strategy Session
• Primary + Secondary Logo
• Logo Lockups + Marks
• Color Palette
• Font System
• 2 Stationary Designs/ Collateral
• Brand Pattern
• Favicon – 16 x 16 & 32 x 32
• Brand Style Guide
• Social Media Assets
• Custom Icons (if warranted)
• All files for web & print
• Copy of Logo Master File
(.PNG, .JPG, .AI .PDF, .EPS)

Investment: minimum engagement rate $5K


If you have an existing presence that already carries your message, tone, and feel but aren’t quite ready for a full brand identity exploration, we can assist you with our logo development service.

With this service, we will help you explore the best visual solution for your brand while delivering the same level of value and integrity as in our full identity service. The only factors that are different are, the additional assets developed and provided in the full brand identity service, won’t be available in this service. By removing many of the premium assets included in the full brand identity service we are able to condense our process and get into the creation/ideation phase much sooner.

This service is ideal if you already have most of your brand needs in place and a well-established roadmap for your brand’s personality. You should already know who your target audience is, how your brand connects to that audience, and why you are providing the service/products/experience to that audience. This is a very valuable investment if you are an entrepreneur or a smaller business owner that may be on a fixed budget but still understands the importance and value of having an appropriate, functional, and memorable identity.


• Discovery Call/Session
• Primary Logo
• 1 Revision Round
• One Sheet Guideline
• Logo color specs
( Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal codes provided for print & web needs)
• All appropriate file formats for web & print
• Copy of Logo Master File
(.PNG, .JPG, .AI .PDF, .EPS)


*Additional Valued Assets

Below are additional services that are tailored for the serious entrepreneur and or small business owner who may not currently be ready for identity/logo development but are in need of getting clear on their brand direction and goals.


The first step towards developing an identity that reflects your brand’s values are built around knowing where you stand in your current market. With a comprehensive brand audit, we at Smith & Sylvan will assist you in uncovering the areas that are potentially being neglected and or are causing confusion with/within your brand and its message.

We will review your current presence on all platforms (whether you currently have an identity or not) and provide you with a detailed assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and how these may be affecting your brand’s message. Elements of focus will be language/tone, color usage, current logo (if available), and its usage across platforms, media and print, type + font usage, imagery, and patterns.

With a brand audit, we help you in uncovering your blind spots so you know how best to move forward in developing your brand and its message to your intended audience.

You will receive a comprehensive PDF document outlining all the areas we feel can use more attention followed by a phone or video call walking you through the findings.


• Initial Call (1hr session)
• Research
• Development
• Phone/Video Audit Guide Breakdown
• Brand Audit Guide PDF Document



Having a well-defined brand clarity roadmap that uniquely and accurately reflects your business and brand is key to establishing a lasting connection with your audience. When clarity isn’t present in your business and brand, you stand a greater chance of losing the valued attention and connection to your audience.

Investing in a brand clarity session allows you to gain a better understanding of what makes your business and brand tick. We assist you in and through this process by helping you identify the core values your brand is built upon. We will explore the who, what, where, when and most importantly WHY of your brand so you can confidently define your overall purpose and goals as related to your business and brand.

Our overall goal through this session is to help reintroduce you to your brand and by doing so, open up better clarity on what problem(s) you are solving, who you are solving them for, and how you will go about solving them. We’ll also help you uncover what makes your brand unique, why your audience will care about your business/brand, and how you will effectively communicate your message to them.


• Introduction Call
• Client Questionaire
• Clarity Session Call
• Brand Clarity Guide PDF



Through this service, we help you develop a brand story that reveals the honest and impactful aspects of your brand. With a strong brand story, you position your brand as a platform that creates a lasting experience and influence on its intended audience.

Our focus and objective through this process will be to help you carve out your unique footprint which is wrapped around an ownable story that clearly connects with your audience.

Remember, a brand is defined as the way your company/business, service, or product(s) are perceived and felt by its intended audience. In knowing this, it’s important that you have a well-defined and strong brand story that connects honestly and creates an opportunity for that story to be continued through the heart of your audience.


• Introduction Call
• Discovery Call
• Roadmap Session
• Research
• Development
• Walk-through Session
• Brand Story Document PDF


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