Investing in the discovery
of the problem,
helps to define what’s missing
from the experience
your audience is seeking.

Without a clear strategy, your brand won’t resonate with its audience.


The Process

The WHY? is the most important asset to your process and to developing a sustainable and impactful experience for your brand and it’s intended audience.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been sharing your brand with the world for some time; a solid plan of action that is tailored to your needs is always the first step towards your long term success.

What is unique about my work and my service, is my invested passion and dedication towards exploring the possibilities where design and creative thinking can meet to become long-lasting solutions.

You are not just hiring me to sketch ideas and make them pretty, you are hiring me to problem-solve and that solution should convey your brand’s message and experience accurately to your audience.



Let’s Begin

Before I jump into creating anything, my focus is invested in defining your goal(s) through the strategy process, in order to build a clearer vision of what your brand truly needs.

I begin all projects with Strategy as it’s the most important component to building a strong brand. It allows us the ability to explore the best possibilities for solving your brand’s problem.

This means far less time trying to piece together multiple directions and ideas a client may have, and more time invested in developing the best design solution for the brand and it’s intended audience.

Below is my outlined approach when carving out your brand’s voice and what you can expect from that process.



How It’s Done

01 Discovery

This is where we initially meet and discuss your needs and exactly what you are looking for.

As an experienced professional whose focus is on creating lasting solutions through strategy and design, I’m very selective about the projects and clients I take on, so it’s important that the details of your project’s needs are very clear from the start.

The discovery phase will help to qualify whether we are a good fit to begin working together. Once we’ve established that we are a good match we’ll explore a bit more on the current issue you are attempting to solve and begin moving into the next phase, strategy.


02 Strategy

All projects begin with “Strategy”, which is centered on following up
on the Discovery phases objective of establishing a clear path to identifying the problem, we are attempting to solve.

In the Strategy phase, we will begin building a roadmap towards a credible solution to your problem. My goal through this process is to ask you the important questions that need to be asked and listen for the most suitable solutions that will meet your brands’ needs.

This is always considered to be another product separate from the deliverables you ultimately receive at the closing of the project and is just as if not more valuable than the final design solution itself.


03 Research

I begin this phase by doing more research on the client, their business/ brand, competitors, etc.
by reviewing things such as online presence/space, current media ( digital, print, websites, etc.), and current logo (if available).

This step is a very important aspect of the design process as it sets the tone for all the other steps that follow.

The process of researching assists me in better understanding where you currently fit and how we can better establish your brands’ visual personality in an already competitive space. It’s important to do research as it helps create a focused pathway towards the best design solution without wasting valuable time in the process.


04 Ideation

Ideation is where the measurable goals are truly defined by exploring concepts via brainstorming, sketches, and visual metaphors.This process also sees the construction of assets such as a mood board, stylescapes, and mind maps which are an arrangement of images, text, colors, phrases, keywords etc. that help drive the feel and direction of the intended project’s goal.

Once I’ve gained direction from the above phase I begin exploring your custom solution and as I get closer to the desired direction based on our strategy session and my research, I begin developing a more refined version of that concept. I do explore multiple directions in my start phase, but those options are always directed towards the ‘best’ solution that I know will confidently represent your brands’ voice.

This is why I invest a greater portion of my time on the first 3 phases which precede this one.


05 Creation/Refine

The next step is to recreate the final direction digitally; this is the vectorizing process. Through this process, I produce a beautiful and functional replication of the custom hand-drawn design/concept for your projected business needs.

Of course, there can be times when we may discover possible assets that can enhance the direction of the final design, which is why I offer up to 2 rounds of refinement aimed at highlighting the strong assets of the design and making them even stronger. It may not be necessary, but I always to make sure you are comfortable in knowing you will always get the best value design solution possible.

Everything from the finalized primary identity mark(s), to the color palette, lockups (a lockup, sometimes called a combination logo is the final form of a logo, with all its elements), brand patterns, font system, brand guide, brand collateral are also created during this process.


06 Deliverables

This is the end phase of our process and where all of your files will be packaged for your web and print needs. You can expect to receive:

Web Files (RBG )
PNG ( Transparent Image File), JPGPrint Files (CMYK) PDF, EPS, PSD ( If Photoshop is used for a raster/pixel-based designs), AI (If Illustrator is used for vector-based designs).Identity System/Brand Guide*All appropriate files for web and print will be created and electronically delivered upon receipt of the project balance. Your brands’ visual personality is now ready to start being shared with the world!