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How I Do it

The Process

My value to you begins with my value to your unique process.


The WHY? is the most important asset to building not only a great brand for your audience but a sustainable roadmap for the continued experience. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been sharing your brand with the world for some time; a solid plan of action that is tailored to your needs is always the first step towards your long term success.

When it comes to creating and defining what will ultimately represent you and your brand, it’s important that there is a clear plan of action in place that outlines how the best results will be achieved. I believe in challenging the potential of design, and I believe strongly in thinking outside the lines in order to produce results that complement your needs.

What is unique about my work and my services, is my targeted and passionate desire to create not only a well respected, identifiable and professional design for you but a timeless sense of value for your audience. I’m dedicated to exploring the possibilities where design and creative thinking can strategically meet and become long-lasting solutions. 

In reality, you are not just hiring me to sketch ideas and make them pretty, you are hiring me to problem-solve, which like anything else requires one to think with flexibility, show their work and how they reached their solution. Ultimately, that solution should convey your brand’s message and experience accurately to your audience.


What’s Your “COST”?

The cost of anything will always yield a lifetime investment, but the price of something will always be a one time purchase. 

Each client and their project is and has its own unique identity, audience and thus process. There is never a one price fits all model when it comes to customized design work, and so, when it comes to your investment, it is very important that all the details are as clear as possible from the start. My initial desire is for us to focus on the project goals in order to reach the best professional results.

As an experienced professional whose focus is on creating lasting solutions through strategy and design, I’m very selective about the projects and clients I take on, so it’s important that the details of your project needs are very clear from the start. This helps to qualify whether we are a good fit to begin working together.

When it comes to design you can always be sure that if the focus is solely on price rather than investment, one will most likely continue to keep paying for that initial purchase over time. The price of bad design will always be more expensive than the cost of good design. 

*Minimum engagement rate for custom design projects begins at $1200.00 and can increase based on its scope. start your project today

My pricing helps to ensure that I am working with clients who not only take their business seriously but are looking for a professional who values their business and brand as much as they do. It also ensures that I am working with clients who respect the amount of time, energy, and skill and knowledge I am investing into them and their project, and not only inherently knows its worth, but also its value return.


Your design is meant to represent your brand for as long as you decide.
It’s always important to think of this as an investment.



My process always begins with “Strategy”, which is centered on establishing the problem/pain points, so that we can begin building a roadmap towards a credible solution. The diagnosis process is a necessary step to take in order to be sure that critical requirements are being met. My goal through this process is to ask you the important questions that need to be asked and listen for the most suitable solutions that will meet your brand’s needs.

This is always considered to be another product separate from the deliverables you ultimately receive at the closing of the project. I consider it to be the engine that powers your vision, and by treating it as another product it assures that I am taking your vision, brand, and business very seriously.

During the Strategy session we will:

Identify your value position and if that is or is not currently being met
Define your unique message/value/goal
Identify your target audience
Develop your custom road map



I begin this phase by doing more research on the client, their business/ brand, competitors, etc. by reviewing things such as online presence/space, current media ( digital, print, websites, etc.), and current logo (if available).

This step is a very important aspect of the design process as it sets the tone for all the other steps that follow. Researching and learning more about your audience and space, assists me in better understanding how others in your industry are reaching, and possibly, not reaching their brand’s goals.

Many tend to focus their attention on aesthetics from the start of a project, but doing this is very risky because it builds on a false foundation that your brand cannot be supported by in the long term.

A logo/design out of the gate will never define your brand, as it takes time for it to build the experience and credibility that an audience eventually identifies with. This is why research is such an important step in the process of building a better experience through design.



Ideation is where the measurable goals are truly defined by exploring concepts via brainstorming, sketches, and visual metaphors. This process also sees the construction of assets such as a mood board, which is an arrangement of images, text, colors, phrases, etc. which help drive the feel and direction of the intended project’s goal.

During this process, I sketch numerous ideas out to be sure I am exploring every possibility; once I’ve achieved what I feel is the closest desired direction based on our strategy session and my research, I begin to re-sketch a more refined version of the strongest sketches. I always make sure to explain the direction behind each concept.

It’s very important to note that we are working together to produce the best direction that represents the “brand” and it’s intended “audience”. It’s very typical to have deep personal attachments to certain aspects of a design and design elements, but the focus should always stay on what best fits the brand’s voice and the intended experience of its audience.



Once the design direction has been agreed upon, the next step is recreating the final sketch direction digitally. This is the vectorizing process, which is the appropriate format for logos/designs that require scaling and the ability to retain their integrity regardless of size.

Through this process, my focus is to produce a beautiful and functional replication of the custom hand drawn design. All designs are first created for black and white to be sure they work across the board. Once that is established, I then begin to work with colors that would have been chosen during the research process.

Everything from the final design direction, to the final color(s), to possible lockups (a lockup, sometimes called a combination logo is the final form of a logo, with all its elements), patterns, etc. are created during this process.

*2 rounds of minor revisions will be applied on the chosen concept.

Deliverables 05


This is the end phase of our process and where all of your files will be packaged for your web and print needs.

You can expect to receive:
Web Files (RBG ): PNG ( Transparent Image File), JPG,

Print Files (CMYK) PDF, EPS, PSD ( If Photoshop is used for a raster/pixel based designs), AI (If Illustrator is used for vector based designs). There are also some projects where I may use the Affinity Design Suites. These programs produce the same final files with the exception of AI files.

I also include a style guide that assists in laying out the direction and functions of the logo/design as it applies to different platforms/scenarios.

*All appropriate files for web and print will be created and electronically delivered upon receipt of the project balance.


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