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The Upgrade Your Algorithm: Thriving With Mental Illness program embodies the belief that it is possible to live a healthy and full life with a diagnosis of mental illness. The program is designed to create an enjoyable, supportive and inclusive environment, as well as provide resources and tools to enable students to thrive.Founded by developer and CEO of the 2X indie award winning card game the Ultimate Clap Back, Mary Martha Ford-Deing, created UYA as a call to action for individuals to implement change and improve their current situation.


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The challenge was creating a visual identity that spoke with clarity and simplicity while allowing for clear identification of the brand and its targeted message.

The program creator and founder, MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng, wanted something that embodied her focused attention and dedication to the continued awareness of this diagnosis.

It was important that there could be a symbol which represented the overall message that UYA stands behind as creating a mark that revolved around full use of the name was also another area of challenge.

{ the deconstruction process }


We initially tried a direction that saw us taking the concept of an equation and turning it into a 3D like monogram mark that combined the letters U + Y + A.

The idea was to give the unique monogram a geometric feel that embodied the concept of UYA representing an equation that takes those who seek it through a journey that continues to support them long after they’ve completed it.

This direction was ultimately digitized and brought to life with lifestyle mockups and applied applications but our team after a few days felt there was still something missing. We realized how important it was to make sure this could be a mark that lived long past its time and so we decided to go back to the drawing board and try another direction that felt even more aligned with the mission and vision of UYA.


Our team still focused their attention on a strong monogram mark but we realized how important it was to keep the trademark walking a more modern pathway. Knowing that the world and technology is rapidly changing, we wanted to make sure the mark was even more simplified and accessible than the previous attempt.

The solution was to create a monogram mark, that embodied the fluid, welcoming and unified message that UYA delivers. This allows for a mark that can be easily identifiable and doesn’t take up too much space as the name itself is long and wouldn’t work well in most applications.

The mark focuses on the playful nature of the U+Y+A, which really helps to tell the program’s story by showing the connectivity between each aspect of the letters.

As well, the bold nature of each letter lends itself to the strength that is embedded within each and every one of us, regardless of what we may be going through.

Focusing on the long-term value that a program such as UYA provides, our team decided to create an app icon to assist in the brand being identified on mobile platforms. It complements the monogram nicely and infuses calm gradient colors that represent mental health awareness and symbolizes loyalty, trust, and stability.With the option of an app icon, UYA can develop mobile programs that will easily reach their demographic audience, which statistically spends about 90% of smartphone time in apps.

Having an app and distinguishing icon to go with it well help UYA connect with their audience while delivering focused and streamlined information to them in a way that today’s world has been increasingly adapting to.







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