Plant Candy | Plant-Based Health & Wellness Brand
Plant Candy, a New York City-based plant-based food company, aims to equip individuals with the tools and resources to savor delicious, healthy food that’s both easy to prepare and share with others.

In a world where maintaining our daily health needs grows increasingly challenging, Plant Candy stands as a confident leader and educator in a burgeoning space, offering valuable resources to meet these demands.

Smith & Sylvan joined forces to craft a brand identity and roadmap for Plant Candy. The goal? Not merely to enhance its presence but to embody the spiritual essence, vision, and mission meticulously cultivated by the PC team within their community.

Scope: Logo design, visual identity design, brand story development, apparel design, print design, brand style guide, branded social media assets.


Our challenge lay in crafting an identity that authentically embodied PC’s core values while setting the brand apart in a rapidly saturating market. It was crucial to capture a big idea in a small, adaptable package. This challenge was a rollercoaster of complexity and excitement for our team.

Amidst a crowded landscape of emerging competitors, our focus was clear: to carve an identity for PC that not only resonated with its fundamental values but also stood as a beacon of distinction. Our task was to translate this intricate vision into a fluid, adaptable design capable of thriving in diverse settings. Think of it as giving their vision a passport to fit into any situation. This project got our creative juices flowing like never before!

{ the deconstruction process }


We aimed for an identity that’s sleek, recognizable, and contemporary, yet brimming with a lively and inquisitive vibe. Our journey started with a deep dive into discovery and strategy sessions. Through these, we uncovered the precise problem the Plant Candy team aimed to address.

Bridging their fundamental mission with an equally unique identity was key. This involved extensive research into their competitive landscape, pinpointing the missing link between visual branding and their plant-based audience.

Initially, our focus leaned toward a sleek wordmark for brand identification. However, after exploring several strong options, we recognized it wasn’t the final direction we truly sought. We persisted in exploration, pushing boundaries until we arrived at an idea that resonated more deeply with the PC brand.


Our solution was to create a distinct logomark symbolizing Plant Candy’s narrative through visual storytelling. We crafted an abstract monogram depicting a seed’s growth process. This monogram, formed from the initials P&C, mirrors a seed’s lifecycle—its protective coat, nutrient store, and embryo.

The “P” reflects the seed’s food store, supplying nutrients during its cycle and forming one half of the protective seed coat. Meanwhile, the “C” completes the seed coat, showing the plant’s growth path within the negative space between the letters. The mark forms a circular shape, symbolizing Earth, wellness, wholeness, and community.

Nestled at the center of the letters is a seed icon 🌱, representing the identity’s completion. We paired this with a sleek, modern logotype for the “PC” name, utilizing elements from the main design, especially in shaping the letter “A.” This cohesive identity narrates Plant Candy’s goal: fostering a community committed to personal well-being and sharing knowledge to empower others.