Plant Candy | Plant-Based Health & Wellness Brand

Plant Candy is a New York City, Plant-Based company that seeks to empower people with the tools to share and experience great-tasting food that’s healthy for them, easy to make, and simple to share with others.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance our day to day health needs, Plant Candy is confidently positioning themselves as leaders and educators in a space that is still growing and in need of platforms that can provide valuable resources.

Plant-Candy is your choice for food that is healthy, nutritious, affordable, and delicious!


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The challenge here was developing an identity that not only spoke the core values of the PC Brand but had the ability to identify the company in a space that is becoming increasingly saturated with new companies rushing to the market.

Not only that but already existing companies that never offered cleaner options to their audience who now are getting on board to grab the health-conscious market. It was also important that the identity was simple but capable of branching itself into additional areas of attention by being as flexible as possible.

{ the deconstruction process }


We wanted to be sure this identity was simple, identifiable, and modern with a vibrant and curious feel that could exist on all platforms so we explored various options based on our extensive Discovery Session where we were able to carve out the pain-point the team at Plant Candy were attempting to solve.

It was extremely important that we were able to bridge their core mission with an identity that was as unique as their platform, so we invested a great amount of time in researching their competitive space and identifying what we felt was missing when it came to the visual brand direction and its connection to the plant-based audience.


The solution was to create a logomark/symbol that could stand on its own and tell the PC story through its visual personality, so we created an abstract monogram that tells the story of a seed’s process of growth.

The mark/symbol combines the first letters of the Plant Candy name-P&C, which forms an abstract monogram. The mark resembles the lifecycle of a seed and it’s structure – seed coat, food store/endosperm, and the seed/embryo.

The P is modeled after the food store/endosperm, which is where the seed gets its nutrients from during its cycle. It’s also one half of the seed coat which is the protective barrier that keeps the seed safe.

The C makes up the other half of the seed coat and the negative space between the letters shows the pathway the plant will travel as it grows. The mark also makes a circle that is a symbol of Earth/Dirt, Wellness, Wholeness, and Community.

We finally have the seed nestled nice and snug at the base center of the two letters 🌱 We completed the identity with a custom logotype for the PC name which is a very sleek and modern style type that complements the main logomark. Borrowing elements from the main design we were able to carve out the A’s in the name to take on a familiar symbol from the logomark for additional branding opportunities and a very unique and ownable mark.

The entire identity tells the story of how PC aims to build a community that is accountable to their personal well-being and in doing so, can take that learned knowledge and empower others to continue that story. It’s such a beautiful and appropriate design that really dives deep into the heart of the company and their mission

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