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pAINTED WOOL is a Baltimore, Maryland based skincare, makeup and cosmetic company, started by Makeup Artist and Aesthetician MarieKitmore.

She aims to educate her clients on not just what fits for their unique style, but what will best serve and preserve the health of their tailored look.



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The challenge was creating a unique and distinctive mark that truly captured the essence and feel of Marie and her company’s personality.

Since this is Marie’s first company and entrepreneurial venture, one of our biggest challenges was establishing a visual identity that would become easily identifiable over time and standout in her industry.

It was also important that the identity reflected the level of professional service and expertise pAINTED WOOL provides to its customers and audience .

{ the deconstruction process }


When Marie came to us, she had a previous logo that was created a few weeks before contacting us and it was clear that we needed to do deep exploration around her industry, her professional history and her demographic.

We wanted to make sure that the solution aligned appropriately with the voice, tone and feel of the brand that Marie had already been building so we spent a great amount of time getting a clear brand roadmap together and exploring a few directions to start.

It was evident that pAINTED WOOL would need a visual identity that was flexible and appropriate for the industry it is in while not being cliche ultimately anchoring the brand to what it could evolve into and offer its future clients.


Our solution was to created a beautiful and unique wordmark that played on the word pAINTED as during our discovery and strategy sessions with Marie it became evident that this was the foundational piece that would tie the brand together.

We realized that we could fill in the counter area of the letter P which would allow us to “paint” it with various colors to reflect the different areas of the pAINTED WOOL brand while still being elegant, professional and appropriate for its industry.

We then pushed the envelop a bit and created a beautiful custom looped “L” which helped to tie the wordmark together nicely. It becomes the most obvious element in the mark but doesn’t distract from the playfulness of the word pAINTED.

By scaling the word pAINTED down to nestle comfortably just above the word WOOL we achieved a nice balance for the mark. The other great element was we were able to create a flexible visual brand system by using the P as a stand alone logomark which works perfectly for smaller applications and platforms such as social media.

In the end Marie was extremely pleased with the marks and we were truly excited to of provided her and her brand with such a unique direction that didn’t compromise the integrity of her company or its brand.

After developing the logomark, we borrowed the P from the wordmark in order to create a standalone icon that could represent the brand in more flexible ways such as patterns, an app, and other various sub-platforms.

By capitalizing on this opportunity we were able to establish a unique mark that easily translates as young and playful, while still being regarded as professional and trustworthy.

It’s a simple, beautiful and memorable mark that reads easily across all platforms.







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