Crawford Crossings | Sports & Leadership Training

Crawford Crossings is a Jacksonville, FL-based sports and leadership training service/facility aimed at supporting kids to young adults in learning the fundamental and foundational life skills necessary to become ALL-STARS on and off the field.

Founded by Cody and Danielle Crawford, the two have over 15 years of experience not only working but participating professionally in the world of sports. The two had the vision to bring the art of sports training back to its roots while focusing on growing and supporting the leaders of today and tomorrow.



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When Cody and Danielle contacted me it was clear we had an interesting journey to carve out.

The two were focused on building the Crawford Crossings brand to become a symbol and example of excellence in their industry of sports training.

The challenge we faced was gaining clarity on who they were, not only as a brand but as a company. They needed to be positioned not only as the best option among their competition but as the safest and most trustworthy and in order to do that, we needed to explore a much deeper question and that was, who was Crawford Crossings ideally attempting to appeal to and WHY?

It was clear Crawford Crossings needed a brand and identity that would support them in being recognized as not just another sports training service/facility but as a place to call home to any and all who were invested in becoming leaders within themselves and to others.

{ the deconstruction process }


I wanted to explore a direction that would be completely unique to the sports training industry while being easily identifiable to the Crawford Crossings community.

Cody and Danielle were the perfect clients in that they were 100% invested in our strategy calls and so, it was very easy to refer back to our conversations to follow the trails to our north star.

The one word that continually came up in our sessions was “home”. They wanted Crawford Crossings to feel like home to everyone who was open to being a part of their community and that became our north star to follow.

I went through many different concepts but the roadmap always remained the same, somehow I needed to incorporate the concept of home into their identity and little by little it was all coming together the way it should.

I focused on a baseball diamond and realized there was a story to be told from first, to second, to third base and home… and allowed that story to tell itself through the different sketch iterations I walked through. Each one continued to elaborate a little more from the previous until the idea became crystal clear.


The solution was to create an abstract home plate/base mark that stood as a symbol for where one begins and ends their journey while creating memorable milestones that would continue to tell their story for years to come.

It was important to make sure the founders were acknowledged and fused into the identity and so, I was able to have their first initials C+D incorporated into the logomark. This sleek, modern, flexible, and simple icon becomes a symbol that easily stands apart from the rest and carries a unique presence that Crawford Crossings could only embody.

I wanted to make sure that their brand identity could translate across multiple platforms and mediums so, I create a customized logotype to accompany the logomark. This continues to allow the Crawford Crossings’ identity to expand well past the limits that their competitors may stop at.