Captured X Clarissa | Influencer & Portrait Photographer

No matter how you position her, Clarissa is the future of influencer photography. Armed with her camera of choice, Clarissa understands the ins and outs of what makes a great image and how to relate that image to her and her client’s audience.

It’s less about taking the shot and more about telling the story, and that’s what Clarissa does, she tells the full story. Clarissa is a natural storyteller who is looking to help influencers connect authentically to their audience while uncovering, positioning, and documenting the story that stands behind them.

In a day and age where pretty pictures won’t cut it, Clarissa takes it the next step by getting to the heart of her subject’s story and capturing the true essence of that story building a visual blueprint that speaks to the world.


• Discovery
• Strategy
• Research
• Brand Identity
• Brand Story Development
• Collaterals
• Brand Style Guide


The challenge in this project was stepping outside of the box and not creating the same cliche types of trademarks and identities that tend to be created for photographers.

Clarissa is a young photographer & storyteller who is wise beyond her years so, developing an identity and brand story that could continue to evolve and carry through her career was the target we were aiming for.

I wanted to make sure that Clarissa’s unique story and passion for positive disruption were captured in the most impactful and unique way possible. We definitely had our hands full and went through several concepts before reaching what we knew would become an identity that would truly serve as a vessel for not only Clarissa’s continuing story but a vessel for the future stories of her clients.

{ the deconstruction process }


When Clarissa reached out to me, I knew this would become one of my most unique and exciting projects to work on. Her enthusiasm and level of commitment toward her vision and mission were the fuel we needed to bring this identity to life.We invested a good amount of our time walking through a deep discovery session that stretched for a few weeks. It was important for this project that we understood not only who Clarissa and her ideal audience were but WHY she was in a position to serve and drive impact to that audience. This took us down a very unique path of uncovering what made Clarissa not so much a great photographer but rather an amazing storyteller.

She didn’t want to identify as another photographer that takes pretty pictures, she wanted to be seen, heard, and felt as a concept of possibility and change through the art of photography.

With Clarissa’s determined passion to bring her client’s unheard stories to life through imagery, we knew carving out a lane that positioned her as an educator and disrupter in her industry were going to be the route to take.
This opened up the doors for us to get as creative and as out-of-the-box as we possibly could with her brand allowing us to create clear lanes of distinction between her and her competitors.


The solution was to create a mark that captured ( no pun intended ) the true essence of who Clarissa is and WHY she exists to do what she does.We knew once we completed our roadmap for her business and brand, that the direction we needed to take was one that focused on carving out something that would be flexible, unique/distinctive, and simple so that it could exist in multiple spaces and continue to build recognition in the hearts and minds of her audience.

After several rounds of concepts, we landed on a trademark that truly spoke clearly into Clarissa’s WHY and checked all the boxes for what makes a trademark something that will stand the test of time.

The mark finds 4 elongated C’s double as a large abstract X and is encased with 2 half circles which also represent the 2 C’s in Clarissa’s brand name Created / Clarissa. The entire icon symbolizes a camera lens where the X is the central area of focus and also gives a subtle nod to Clarissa being identified as a disruptor in her industry.

Within the larger X, we have a negative space x which became another branding asset that was used to support carving our a customized logotype direction for her name. The entire type layout was customized to mimic the same weight and curves that the logomark carries helping to create a cohesive blend between the two elements.

This mark positions and identifies Clarissa as a young professional who takes her career, identity, and brand seriously while having a playful edge. Because it checks off the box for all the main areas of focus we’d want a trademark to cover, it stands as a unique symbol and vessel for not only Clarissa’s story but for the stories that her clients and audience will continue to tell through the world of visual imagery.