Captured X Clarissa | Influencer & Portrait Photographer
Embodying the future of influencer photography, Clarissa’s lens serves as a storyteller’s tool. Located in Orlando, Florida, she wields her chosen camera to weave narratives that resonate with both herself and her clients’ audiences.

For Clarissa, it’s more than capturing a moment; it’s about articulating the complete story. A natural raconteur, she aims to aid influencers in forging genuine connections while unearthing, framing, and preserving the narratives behind them.

Our collaboration with Clarissa commenced in late 2021 and concluded in 2022, aiming to craft a distinct brand identity tailored specifically for her realm of influencer photography. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Clarissa entrusted us with the task of creating a brand persona that would distinguish her amidst the bustling landscape of photographers. We provided Clarissa with a new brand identity, brand guidelines, logo, and an effective marketing strategy. The goal was clear – to establish Clarissa as a standout force within the influencer photography sphere, ensuring her visual narrative resonated uniquely and authentically within her industry.

Scope: Logo design, visual identity design, brand story development, brand style guide


The challenge we faced in this project lay in venturing beyond the conventional norms of trademark and identity design typically associated with photographers.

Clarissa, a young and astute photographer and storyteller, exhibited a depth of wisdom beyond her years. Our aim was to fashion an identity and brand narrative that could dynamically evolve alongside her burgeoning career.

Our primary goal was to encapsulate Clarissa’s unique narrative and her passion for positive disruption in a profoundly impactful and distinctive manner. This was a meticulous process involving numerous concept explorations before arriving at what we knew would become an identity serving not only as a vessel for Clarissa’s ongoing story but also as a beacon for the future stories of her clients.

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When Clarissa approached our agency, it immediately became one of our most unique and exciting projects. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her vision and mission provided the energy needed to breathe life into this brand identity. Engaging in a thorough discovery session that spanned several weeks was pivotal. Understanding not only Clarissa and her audience but also uncovering the essence behind her mission was crucial to this project. It became evident that Clarissa wasn’t just a remarkable photographer; she was a storyteller with a unique vision.

Clarissa’s aspiration wasn’t to be another photographer capturing beautiful images but to be a beacon of possibility and change through photography. Her dedication to bringing her clients’ untold stories to life through imagery drove us to carve out a niche positioning her as an educator and disruptor in her industry.

This provided us with the creative freedom to think outside the box and establish distinct separation between her and her competitors, giving birth to a brand that truly encapsulated her unique narrative and her commitment to breaking new ground in the photography sphere.


The solution lay in crafting a mark that encapsulated the essence of Clarissa and her purpose. As we charted the roadmap for her brand, it became evident that our direction needed to be adaptable, distinctive, and simplistic to resonate across various platforms and leave a lasting impression on her audience.

After numerous conceptual iterations, we arrived at a trademark that authentically mirrored Clarissa’s mission and encapsulated the timeless qualities essential for a strong mark.

This mark intertwines four elongated C’s, forming a striking abstract X framed by two half circles, cleverly representing the dual C’s in Clarissa’s brand, ‘Created / Clarissa.’ It embodies a camera lens, with the X as the focal point, subtly signaling Clarissa’s role as an industry disruptor.

Within this central X lies a negative space ‘x,’ a complementary branding asset used to guide the creation of a customized logotype for her name. This tailored typographic layout mirrors the weight and curves of the logomark, fostering a seamless integration between the two elements.

This mark symbolizes Clarissa’s professional commitment while maintaining a playful edge, effectively addressing the key aspects expected of a trademark. It stands not just as a unique emblem but as a vessel for Clarissa’s narrative and those of her clients and audience.