Awkward Therapy | Podcast Series w/ Lewis Howes & Jay Shetty
Awkward Therapy” introduces a new series by Lewis Howes, the New York Times Bestselling author and host of the top 100 Apple podcast, “The School of Greatness,” alongside his good friend Jay Shetty. Jay, an award-winning host of the “On Purpose” Podcast, is known for his storytelling prowess and viral content creation.

In this series, Lewis and Jay delve into taboo topics, fostering a comfortable dialogue that aims to provide deeper inspiration and information for their audience.

In 2021, Lewis approached us to create multiple logo concepts for this project, and we were excited about the challenge. He and Jay were looking for a distinctive logo to represent their new podcast series, “Awkward Therapy,” with a tight deadline of just 2-3 days! While this presented a significant challenge, we were fully prepared to dive in and deliver. Although they ultimately decided to not brand the series, we were thrilled to collaborate with Lewis and Jay, proud of the distinctive and beautiful identity we developed.

Scope: Logo design, visual identity design


Our biggest challenge was navigating a tight timeline while ensuring a thorough exploration of Lewis and Jay’s vision without compromising our process.

Following initial communication and a brief call with Lewis, a clear direction emerged. We delved deeply into the history of the word “taboo,” its cultural nuances, aiming for uniqueness, flexibility, and simplicity. Staying committed to our strategic process yet adapting to the deadline, we trusted our instincts to produce something distinct.

{ the deconstruction process }


Our aim was to craft something distinctive yet fitting for the series title, ensuring it stood out within the podcast landscape. We strived for an out-of-the-box creation that mirrored the courageous, informative, and playful essence evident in Lewis and Jay’s demeanor both on-air and in their daily lives.

Amidst countless sketch concepts, our focus gravitated towards honing in on a singular element capable of granting the disruptive distinction necessary to elevate this mark. Understanding the essence of “Taboo” as venturing outside conventional boundaries, we capitalized on this notion to set the mark apart within the current space.

The ‘K’ in “Awkward” emerged as our focal point, a realization that signaled the birth of something remarkable, ready to come to life.


Our solution? Crafting a custom logotype and logomark tailored not just to the Awkward Therapy series and its audience, but also to Lewis and Jay’s playful podcast approach.

Our Exploration revealed that an audacious, larger-than-life direction would birth a distinctive, fitting mark.

Constructing the lettering unveiled an opportunity to flip the ‘K’ horizontally, infusing rebellious, out-of-the-box messaging. It became the ‘taboo’ letter, defying tradition to redefine its place.

With the logotype locked, we saw potential to fashion additional assets for flexibility. Extracting the backward ‘K’ birthed a logomark, simplifying brand recognition especially in compact spaces like mobile devices.

Furthering our approach, we coined ‘therapist icons’ from the ‘AW’ in ‘AWKWARD,’ adding playful identifiers for Lewis and Jay. Our aim throughout was to create a bold, disruptive, and playful identity, carving a unique niche in the crowded podcast realm.