Hi Lewis,

My name is Randy, and I’m a multi-disciplinary designer based out of New York (Riverdale/Bronx).

Firstly, thank you so much for opening this opportunity to potentially work with and learn from you and your team. I’ve followed your journey for quite some time and am very familiar with your platforms and honestly, your platform was one of few that helped me a few years ago during the most impactful and transitional period of my life.

My goal is to be a tool of service and impact on as many people as possible, and I believe the wealth of skills, talent, knowledge, and desire to always be the best version of myself allows that light to shine in all things I am a part of.

I’ve always considered you and a few others in the empowerment space to be silent mentors because I truly believe and know my pathway is to walk in the same light and share that light with as many as possible, just through my own signature.

My greatest asset is my ability to see the bigger picture and continually stay flexible and focused on being a solution-oriented being, rather than one who focuses on problems. I’m a responder, not a reactor. As a result, my drive to produce the most appropriate actions for any given situation leads me to pull the best out of myself, and for those, I am serving.

I have worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer where I utilized my skills in web design, development, illustration, hand lettering, general graphic design work such as promotional banners, posters, etc.

I’ve used these skills for my personal marketing/branding as a touring Folk Singer-Songwriter as well for other indie artists/peers in the music and creative industry. My site currently reflects my focused/specialized lane in brand identity & logo development but I still also lend my graphic design skills to client and personal projects.

Thank you again for this opportunity!

Kindest Regards,

If you’d like a brief timeline of where I have lent and continue to lend my skills, please feel free to click the button below.








Brand Clarity & Navigation

Brand Strategy

Lighthouse Identity Development

Logo Development

Messaging & Story Development


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