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Why Choose Us?

Nowadays you may hear the word brand used to describe a company and it’s services/products but in order to truly develop a great lasting brand, it’s important you are working with professionals who understand the difference between the two.

For us, your brand boils down to the way your intended audience will perceive your business, company, or products/services, and our goal is to help you develop a “personality – aka brand” that ideally connects that audience. Doing this ensures that your brand becomes recognized, identified and embraced for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ayanna Evans

“Such an amazing process. Randy assisted me with aligning my vision and why, which I never realized was so important to building my brand. Not only did he help me discover my “special sauce”, but how to also leverage it and piece together my story.

I’m so excited to see my brand finally come to life!”

Ayanna Evans

ANAJAE - Luxury Fashion Brand

Eleanor Kleiner

“Smith & Sylvan has a knack for figuring out how to visually capture exactly what you’re hoping to communicate. They helped us define exactly what we wanted, and came up with a logo/identity that really elevated our online presence and merch.I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Smith & Sylvan!”

Eleanor Kleiner

The Whispering Tree - Touring Folk Duo

Aconda Williams
“Working with Smith and Sylvan was an amazing experience. They understood my brand and created a logo that was both creative and went above and beyond what I was seeking. I highly recommend S&S if you are seeking a design agency that will speak to your clientele and stand out! You will not be disappointed they are truly magic!
Aconda Williams

Aconda Williams Coaching

Be Appropriate

We want your identity to express who you are and not necessarily speak what you do.

Be Distinctive

Your brand’s personality is the anchor to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Be Flexible

Your identity should be capable of communicating through all forms & possibilities; present and future.

What We Do.

“We conceive and develop visual solutions that bridges the gap between your company, your audience and your brand.”

Laura Casner

Advertising and Branding Photographer

Karvin Katers

Personal Chef & Catering Service

Plant Candy

Plant-Based Wellness Company

Sustainable Initiatives

Consulting Agency

Your Reputation Has A Roadmap.

It’s important that your identity has a proven strategy and blueprint which shows not only how, but why we reached the chosen visual solution.


We combine the art of strategy, branding, identity, lettering,
illustration, and graphic design to enhance the value
not only your business but also your brand.


The process of mapping the appropriate solution to your brand’s pain points. It sets the tone and discipline needed to execute a plan of action towards more clarity.


The process of defining and communicating the value, voice, personality, and character of your brand; thus creating consistency which breeds continuity.


How a business wants to be perceived by its customers. It’s centered around visual assets that follow very specific guidelines for the best outcomes.


The creative & visual representation of words, feelings, and ideas. It’s another valuable asset, which is interchangeable with the other areas of design; and is just as strong as a standalone service.


Is the art of illustrating letters and a great asset to a designer’s skill set as it allows for one’s design to be crafted towards and for a single purpose increasing its value to its audience and brand.

Graphic Design

Conveys a clear message to a focused audience through the use of color, type, images, and other elements. It can include things such as flyers, business cards, social graphics, posters, and so much more.


Discover How To Connect
Your Brand And Its Message To Your Audience.

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