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Why I Do It


A bit of closet nerd, meets creative artist, meets philosopher, meets bird lover!


My Story

Hi, my name is Randy, and I’m a Creative Visual Designer from Riverdale, NY, who loves building visual designs that inspire timeless impressions, while providing true value to my clients and their audience.

My target audience resides in the world of creative and purpose-driven professionals and while I am seasoned in a variety of creative lanes, I have a specialized focus in creative visual identity & logo design.

What makes me and my service unique is my dedicated passion for assisting you in identifying and solving your problem first. I believe a great brand (experience) is built by investing in the discovery of the problem, simply because, this not only fully defines whether the deliverables you seek are the right ones you need, but it also defines what’s missing from the experience your audience is seeking.

Another area of unique focus is, each project starts with my hand drawing the concepts and ideas until I reach the final design, which then is redone digitally. I never use templates, as it’s very easy to have a design that looks very cookie cutter and doesn’t establish a unique voice for the client and their business.

I founded Smith & Sylvan Creatives, as a way to fulfill the voids I felt existed around my own personal creative environment; and through scratching my own itch, I realized how important it was to share my knowledge, ability and unique direction with others.

I personally have had the first-hand experience in what it is like to work with individuals who have no invested interest in providing a valuable service or product that is tailored to my needs. This was an area of focus that I quickly found separated me from so many others.  I realized that problem-solving has always been my ultimate goal in all I do, and by applying this approach with the highest level of integrity, I could bring that same level of value to others.

Everything in life I feel is centered around a journey, and around every corner of that journey, there is something new to be discovered. My desire is to help you elevate your brand and presence, by creating more valuable experiences through design. By doing so, it benefits not only you but also your audience, by continuing the story of your journey for years to come through their personal experiences.



My priority is helping you to solve your problem(s);
while adding value to your brand through integrity, professionalism, education, and dedication to your projects needs.



My personal philosophy is that communication is the lifeblood of all things; and I believe my passionate investment in it, is what makes me your best choice when it comes to working with a designer who will be sure to put the needs of your brand first.



Creativity is something I never take for granted. It’s why I focus and invest my time and energy in building a continual deep connection with it. What makes me unique is my dedication to the process, and research of creativity in all areas of life, not just in design.



Technology changes on a consistent basis and I make sure that I stay on the cutting edge of what’s current in my field of work. From new software releases to new tools which assist in a more effective and seamless workflow, I’m always staying a step ahead.


Time Management

Time is the most valuable asset we have and I do my best to always be mindful of that. While I am human, I do my best to make sure that I am adhering to the most productive schedule when it comes to projects. My attention to this not only values my time but also yours.

The brand is the experience,
and that experience
becomes your story.


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