I believe in telling stories
through design.
It defines my passion
for serving you, your brand
and your audience

I’m a bit of a closet nerd meets creative artist, meets philosopher, meets bird lover!


Why I Do It.

Hi, my name is Randy, and I’m a multidisciplinary designer from North Riverdale, NY, who loves building visual designs, symbols and identity systems that inspire timeless impressions, while providing lasting value to my clients and their audience.

I personally have had first-hand experience in what it is like to work with individuals who had no invested interest in providing a valuable service that was tailored to my needs. This was an area of focus that I quickly found separated me from so many others and as a result, sent me down a path of seeking as much information and education in the world of design and strategy as I could.

I quickly realized that problem-solving had always been my ultimate goal, and by applying this approach with the highest level of integrity, I could bring that same value to so many others.

My desire is to help you elevate your brand and presence, by creating bridges to more valuable experiences through design. By doing so, it benefits not only you but also your audience, by continuing the story of your journey for years to come through their personal experiences.



The Investment.

Your business and brand have a very unique voice and audience, so it’s important to understand that it will also require a unique process which dictates a unique investment.

Before I can determine what your investment into your new identity will be, it’s very important that all the details surrounding your project are as clear as possible from the start. This helps to qualify whether we are a good fit to begin working together as I am very selective about the projects I take on. Once I have determined we are a good fit, have gotten all the details and established the problem we are attempting to solve, I can effectively determine your investment towards your unique needs.

Though no two brand design solutions will ever warrant the exact same investment, my minimum engagement rate/starting budget for brand identity design begins at $3500.00.

My pricing helps to ensure that I am working with individuals who not only take their business seriously but are looking for a professional who values their business and brand as much as they do. As well, it is important to me that I am working with clients who understand the amount of personal & professional investment it takes for someone such as myself to run a detail and creative oriented business such as this.

Remember, my focus is not on designing just another “logo” for you, it’s on developing an identity system that will assist in building a stronger foundation for your brand’s voice.

Here’s what you can expect

• Brand Identity Strategy
• Primary/Secondary Logo
• Logo Lockups + Marks
• 2 Stationary Designs/ Collateral
• Brand Pattern
• Color Palette
• Brand Guide
• Font System
• Social Media Assets/Designs
• Custom Type (if warranted)
• Custom Icons (if warranted)

It’s important to me that I can bring as much value to you as possible; if you’d like to get to know myself and my services better and chat briefly on your brand concerns, feel free to schedule a complimentary 30 min call.



The Team.

As owner of Smith & Sylvan Creatives, Randy uses his 16+ years of creative design experience to help his clients and their brand convey their unique story with cohesiveness and consistency.

He brings a wealth of creative knowledge and talent as a multidisciplinary designer to every project he is involved in and strives to capture timeless simplicity in the work he produces.

Randy’s personal philosophy and foundation is rooted in a focused attention to detail combined with his dedicated integrity to exploration and strategy to achieve his client’s goals.

When he’s not saving the world through design, he’s traveling the country touching the hearts and souls of many as a touring Folk Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist. Randy is a born creator and uses his mediums to fully express his himself and his creativity while bringing value to the lives of everyone he encounters.

Bianca provides the balance and foundation needed for any thriving venture to succeed.

With over 15 years of experience in account/project management, budgeting, and daily operations, Bianca is the oil that keeps the Smith & Sylvan machine running and functioning at its best.
Her attention to detail and amazing client relations skills is a welcomed asset to the Smith & Sylvan brand.

She’s also an accomplished photographer, with over 7 years of professional experience under her belt and lends those skills to our projects when warranted.