We believe in telling
stories through design.

Why We Do It.

Smith & Sylvan was founded on the philosophy that in order to build a great brand, there needs to be greater emphasis on how that brand connects with its intended audience.

There are many ways this can be done, but we believe it all begins with the WHY of the business, which then leads to developing a visual language that is clear, effective, and targeted. No relationship can thrive, let alone last without a great foundation of clear and effective communication and this is what we look for when creating appropriate and flexible brand identities for conscious-driven businesses.

“Our targeted focus is assisting brand’s in carving out a unique presence and voice in their space.”

Owned and headed by Randy Smith, a seasoned multidisciplinary designer whose passion is building trademarks & identities that inspire timeless impressions, Smith & Sylvan leads with the experience of knowing first-hand the pain-points of what it’s like to work with individuals/businesses who don’t have a vested interest in providing value to their clients.

This is an area of focus that separates us and our services from so many others and as a result, Smith & Sylvan thrives on establishing a “real” relationship of trust that becomes the anchor for your business and it’s unique needs.

Providing lasting value through the art of problem-solving has always been our ultimate goal, and we’re here to help guide and nurture you and your brand each step of the way.

Our Team.

We are a combination of closet nerds, creative artists, philosophers, plant & animal lovers!”

Randy S.
Brand Strategist & Brand Architect

As the owner of Smith & Sylvan, Randy uses his 15+ years of creative design experience to help his clients and their brand convey their unique story with cohesiveness and consistency.

He brings a wealth of creative knowledge and talent as a multidisciplinary designer to every project he is involved in and strives to capture timeless simplicity in the work he produces.

Randy’s personal philosophy is rooted in focused attention to detail combined with his dedicated integrity to exploration and strategy to achieve his client’s goals.

Neikki G.
Operations Manager

Neikki is always the star of the show (just let her believe it!) and is all about getting the job done!

With over 12 years of experience in project management, her approach to keeping projects organized and steady keeps us from losing our heads.

She employs a wealth of knowledge and resources to be sure each and every project has a consistent and efficient workflow.

The success of all our projects begins with a successful plan of action to keep those projects on track and Neikki is just the person to execute that plan .

Bianca M.
Accounts Manager

Bianca provides the balance and foundation needed for any thriving venture to succeed.

With over 15 years of experience in account management, Bianca is the oil that keeps the Smith & Sylvan machine running and functioning at its best.

Her attention to detail and amazing client relations skills is a welcomed asset to the Smith & Sylvan brand, and truly can’t be replaced.

She’s also an accomplished photographer, with over 7 years of professional experience under her belt and lends those skills to our projects when warranted.

Brandy C.
Creative & Marketing Strategist

Brandy brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and talents to the team as a creative & marketing strategist who has years of experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners big and small get clear on their ideas and find aligned pathways to executing on them.

With over 15 years of experience in strategically helping bring visions to life, she’s a strong leader who deeply understands the needs of everyone she works with. We like to think of her as the “magician”, but don’t ask here to pull rabbits out of a hat just yet!

She’s a valuable asset to the team and knows how to help our clients dive deep within to pull out the true treasures that will assist in bringing their brand visuals and story to life.

Our Assets.

Our priority is working with you to to develop solutions that add value to your brand through integrity, professionalism, education, and dedication.

Our personal philosophy is that communication is the lifeblood of all things; and we believe our passionate investment in it, is what makes us your best choice when it comes to working with a company who will be sure to put the needs of your brand first.


Creativity is something we never take for granted. It’s why we focus and invest our time and energy in building a continual deep connection with it. What makes us unique is our dedication to the process, and research of creativity in all areas of life, not just in design.

Time Mgmt

Time is the most valuable asset we have and we do our best to always be mindful of that. While we are human, and things do happen in life, we do our best to make sure that we are adhering to the most productive schedule when it comes to your project. Our attention to this not only values our time but more importantly yours.

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