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Welcome to Smith & Sylvan Creatives


A Creative Brand and Design Studio Located in North Riverdale, NY.

I Create
Visual Personalities
Which Push The Creative Unconscious Mind
Of You & Your Audience.

I believe every audience is unique, and thus, every brand and its message is equally as unique.


What I Offer.

I believe a great brand is built by investing in the discovery of the problem, simply because, this not only fully defines whether the deliverables you seek are the right ones you need, but it defines what’s missing from the experience your audience is seeking.

Approach a.k.a Strategy

Your WHY is the most important asset to building not only a great brand for your audience but a sustainable roadmap for that continued experience.
Whether you’re just starting out, or have been sharing your brand with the world for some time; a solid plan of action is always the first step towards your long term success.


Branding is the process of defining and communicating the value, voice, personality, and character of your brand; thus creating consistency which breeds continuity. Before you can even begin jumping into identity design and summing up your brand, branding is what sets the tone and discipline needed to execute and bridge what you can’t see, hear and feel, with what you can.

Logo | Identity Design

100% custom designed visual marks & designs, that speak for and to your unique brand. Templates, generators, and cookie cutter methods are never used and will never take the place of creative and strategic thinking. Remember you and your brand are one of a kind, and your audience deserves the “real” you and the authentic experience that comes with your brand.

Custom Hand Lettering

Hand-Lettering is the art of illustrating letters, and is a great asset to a designers skillset, as it allows for a unique custom type design, which can’t be found in standard computer fonts. Lettering allows for one’s design to be crafted towards, and for a single purpose, increasing its value to its audience and brand. It’s also very highly used in logo/logotype design.

Illustration Design

Illustration is the creative & visual representation of words, feelings, and ideas. It’s another asset, which is easily interchangeable with the other areas of design; and is just as easily strong as a standalone service. What makes it such a valuable skill, is it can be used in every area of one’s brand to enhance its experience and message to its audience.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design conveys a clear message to a focused audience through the use of color, type, images, and other elements. It can include things such as flyers, business cards, social graphics, posters, etc. Through this process, I can assist in creating design elements that may not be offered in any of the other specialized services listed.



What You Experience


What You Do.

Brand Identity

What You See


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