Smith & Sylvan Creatives
is an independent brand design studio focused on
custom brand identity design + logos, lettering, and illustration.

Developing visual personalities that convey your brand’s story through meaning & emotion.


The Goal.

In today’s landscape, understanding what a brand truly is will help you build a better connection with the service and products you provide to your intended audience.

So let’s start here; a brand is simply the way your audience perceives your business, company, or products. It’s the feeling(s) they get from the engagement with your business and its assets. Knowing this allows you to fully understand why you sought out my services.

My objective is to help give your brand a clear visual face that has a timeless feel, identifiable personality and speaks your brand’s message with clarity and simplicity.


Your Why.

So why would you invest in a professional brand identity?

The simple answer to the above is – to establish a foundation for solving your brand’s problem while capturing the true voice of your brand in the most honest way possible.

Investing in a professional identity for your brand’s voice and message assists your brand in connecting more organically with its intended audience. Through this unique experience, it consistently builds clarity in what you, your business and your products offer and aids in establishing credibility in your chosen market.

You don’t want to just hire another person to make pretty designs for you, you want a professional who is committed and invested in bringing value to you, your business and brand.


What I Do.


The Value.

What I offer is a strategic approach to and through the process of building visual identities that are structured around the pain points of each client and their project.

This means no two clients/projects will have the same road map, design, or language when diagnosing their issue, but the core fundamentals they are built on will always be met with the same level of integrity.

My position is highly invested in the art of problem-solving using traditional, and non-traditional methods of strategy + design to reach a clear solution.


The Assets.

As a creative visual strategist + storyteller, I combine the art of strategy, branding, identity, lettering, illustration, and graphic design to enhance the value not only of my clients’ business but also their brand.

These key elements are not always areas of focus or even available skills to every designer which makes them such valuable assets to myself and the expert service I provide.


The process of mapping the appropriate solution to your brand’s pain points. It sets the tone and discipline needed to execute a plan of action towards more clarity.


The creative & visual representation of words, feelings, and ideas. It’s another valuable asset, which is interchangeable with the other areas of design; and is just as strong as a standalone service.


The process of defining and communicating the value, voice, personality, and character of your brand; thus creating consistency which breeds continuity.


Is the art of illustrating letters and a great asset to a designer’s skillset as it allows for one’s design to be crafted towards and for a single purpose increasing its value to its audience and brand.


How a business wants to be perceived by its customers. It’s centered around visual assets that follow very specific guidelines for the best outcomes.


Conveys a clear message to a focused audience through the use of color, type, images, and other elements. It can include things such as flyers, business cards, social graphics, posters, and so much more.